Membership Benefits: The Hospital Club

As part of our new benefits package for members, RTS Full Members can now apply for affiliate access to the private members’ club and creative arts venue The Hospital Club.

“The Hospital Club is a unique hub in the heart of London offering the creative community the environment and facilities to create, connect and collaborate.   As part of London’s creative community its role is to discover and feed the best creative talent, and produce, publish and celebrate their work.  It is a real-world Club but also an online community for the Creative Industries and is set up to inspire, entertain, support and nurture creative talent.”

As an affiliate of The Hospital Club you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Food and drink in the restaurant and bar
  • Up to 25% discount on the hire of meeting rooms
  • You may bring guests with you for dinner, lunch and drinks
  • A discounted rate of 20% to our 15 luxury bedrooms, providing members with a welcoming home away from home. You may bring guests with you for dinner, lunch and drinks.
  • Access to The Hospital Club’s extensive member events schedule which includes exclusive regulars such as Party Nights, Poker Nights, Business Networking nights and more.

If you're not currently an RTS member please click here.


How to apply:


  1. Wait until you receive confirmation of your full membership to the RTS. 
  2. Fill in the Hospital Club RTS affiliate online application form found here. This link takes you to the specific RTS affiliate 'membership application' form which you need to complete. Please do not apply direct through the Hospital Club website.
  3. At the end of the form please select and click the 'RTS Member' tick box, then enter your RTS Full Membership number in the field.
  4. Please do not contact the Hospital Club directly until you have received confirmation from them about your active affiliate membership. The process can take up to 28 days. 

Please direct any enquiries about your Hospital Club application to the RTS events team on 020 7822 2830 or by email at


Please note:

  • You must complete The Hospital Club RTS affiliate application form and receive confirmation first to your Hospital Club membership in order to access the club – your RTS membership card is not valid at The Hospital Club
  • Please do not contact The Hospital Club directly until you receive email confirmation from them that your affiliate membership application has been approved
  • You must be a fully paid member of the Royal Television Society in order to take advantage of this offer, the offer is not available to Student members or RTS Futures members.
  • Please note, RTS affiliate applications will be processed by The Hospital Club within 28 days, and you will be notified according to this period.
  • You will be unable to use the club until you are contacted by them with their confirmation, please be patient.
  • No more than 25 RTS affiliate members plus three guests per member may be in the club at any one time before 6pm.
  • This number rises to 40 RTS affiliate members plus six guests per member after 6pm.
  • Prior to each visit, please telephone The Hospital Club no more than 24 hours in advance, to request that your visit be logged before arriving at the Club; entrance will only be granted if this procedure has been followed and your visit has been confirmed to you.
  • If you do not follow this procedure, you will not be granted entrance to the Club.
  • Please note that RTS members are not able to book into The Hospital Club member screenings but can access all other events.
  • The membership will expire when your RTS membership expires or when the Hospital Club agreement with the RTS comes to an end.
  • The Hospital Club will be checking membership statuses with the RTS.
  • The Hospital Club reserves the right to reject any application at their sole discretion based on their membership guidelines.

 Thank you.