Self-shooting guide to stardom

17 Nov 2014
How do researchers and assistant producers go about developing this vital skill? Matthew Bell supplies the answers

Self-shooting is rapidly becoming a key part of the job description for researchers and assistant producers working in television’s factual arena. But with training thin on the ground, how will tomorrow’s TV talent learn to shoot their own material?
Help was provided by a recent RTS Futures event, “Shooting stars: a beginners’ guide to self-shooting”. A panel of self-shooters, chaired by executive producer Matt Bennett, offered advice, while training in basic camera skills was provided by Pro Motion Hire.

Apply now: Young technologists needed

17 Nov 2014
The television industry’s failure to attract young engineers has put it in a critical situation. Sanya Burgess looks at new initiatives to avert disaster

So few engineering graduates are joining the broadcast industry that “we might actually forget how to make television programmes”, warns Simon Broad, Programme Manager at the BBC Academy.

The International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM) backs this up by pointing out that 60% of the broadcast engineering workforce are set to retire within the next 10 years.

Trust in the BBC: David Liddiment

17 Nov 2014
Outgoing BBC Trustee David Liddiment explains to Steve Clarke why the Trust, the licence fee and the corporation’s budget all need to be defended

Outgoing BBC Trustee David Liddiment (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)
The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Sajid Javid, is convinced the BBC can deliver more efficiency savings. But can these be implemented without affecting existing services? David Liddiment thinks he knows the answer and it is not one likely to please Javid.

Life story: evolution of the TV biopic

17 Nov 2014
There’s a lot of life left in a genre that has frequently delivered critical acclaim on very tight budgets, says Torin Douglas

Jeff Pope knows more than most about TV drama based on real-life stories, but he can't quite believe the success of Cilla. Lauded by critics – not least for Sheridan Smith's "stunning" performance as the young Cilla Black – ITV's three-part biopic was also a ratings triumph.

Averaging 8.3 million viewers and a 31% audience share, it is the most-watched new drama this year on any channel. That is almost twice the audience for Not Like That, Like This - ITV's much-praised film about Tommy Cooper, broadcast in April.

Mulville: Thriving against long odds

17 Nov 2014
Jimmy Mulville has faced down addiction, serious illness and the prospect of financial ruin. Andrew Billen listens to an extraordinary life story

The founder and Managing Director of one of Britain’s most successful, and certainly longest-lived, genuinely independent production companies sometimes tell his children that too much emphasis is put on excellence. “It’s very important to fail,” their millionaire father says to them, “and to recognise failure”.

Perhaps this is why I spend 75 minutes in Jimmy Mulville’s office at Hat Trick, its windows overlooking the murky Regent’s Canal, discussing the crises in his life.

How to cash in on YouTube

17 Nov 2014
YouTube is booming but a viable business model for the platform’s contributors remains elusive, finds Tara Conlan

The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys are one of the budding YouTube acts that are proving successful (Credit: Paul Hampartsoumian)
In October, YouTube hosted Brandcast, a glitzy showcase of some of its biggest talent. Held in London, it featured Jamie Oliver, whose Food Tube channel has more than 1 million subscribers, and Zoella, aka vlogger Zoe Sugg. She started her channel in 2009 and has 6.75 million subscribers at the time of writing.

November 2014

UK Television’s USP: Just How Unique Are We?

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Virgin Media's Tom Mockridge and Channel 4's David Abraham chaired by Kate Bulkley will discuss some key issues in UK media raised by David Abraham's Mactaggart.

Channel 4's David Abraham lit the touch paper in his MacTaggart lecture earlier this year, warning that the foundations of the PSB system need to be reset in the light of international consolidation. Does UK TV Plc need new rules to make sure it prospers?

Both ITV and Channel 5 have since joined Abraham's call for pay TV operations to pay PSBs retransmission fees for their principal TV channels. Both Sky and Virgin Media disagree, strongly.

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Tickets for RTS Members are complimentary. Non-RTS member tickets are £12.50. Tickets are non-refundable

You can now book online here

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The Gallery in The Hospital Club
24 Endell Street
London WC2H 9HQ
United Kingdom

RTS Futures - I Made It...On-Screen

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If it’s your dream to be a presenter, reporter, performer – or to produce some of the biggest names in showbiz - then I Made It… On-Screen is the RTS Futures event you’ve been waiting for.

Whether it’s breaking world events on ITV News at Ten; making light of cakes on the UK’s biggest features show; or hosting a live topical comedy series, being on-screen Talent remains one of the most sought after careers in Television.

If it’s your dream to be a presenter, reporter, performer – or to produce some of the biggest names in showbiz - then I Made It… On-Screen is the RTS Futures event you’ve been waiting for.

Booking Instructions: 

This event is open to all RTS Futures members or RTS Full Members but is designed for those with no more than two years’ television experience. 

To book a place you (and any guest/s you book a place for) MUST be either a member of RTS Futures or an RTS Full Member. If you wish to become a member, click here

The cost to RTS Futures members is £10.00.  Tickets for full members of the Royal Television Society are complimentary but MUST be booked in advance – please provide your membership number when booking.   

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Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street
London W1W 6JJ
United Kingdom

Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit

12 Nov 2014


Peter Capaldi’s debut series of Doctor Who ended last Saturday in traditional style, with the Time Lord saving the world from the Cybermen. A few days later, showrunner Steven Moffat and key members of his team explained to a packed RTS early-evening event how they had made the latest run of shows.

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