Convention 2013

Whose side are you on?

11-13 September 2013

Quality Content:

Who Pays?

Who Decides?

Who Profits?

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UPDATE 10/09/13 - NEW SESSION ADDED Thursday morning

Governing the BBC: Where Next?

In recent months - and days - controversies about BBC severance pay have thrown up serious questions about how the BBC is governed and the future of the BBC Trust. In this session Steve Hewlett takes a look at the BBC Trust's 6 year history and the current debate and asks a range of experts to consider the possible future governance options for the BBC.

This year, the RTS Cambridge Convention is putting content creation more firmly at the heart of the agenda than ever before.

Through a combination of UK and global industry leaders, we will examine how economics, technology and politics are affecting the creation of high quality creative ideas and output. Over the course of the Convention, we will follow the value chain of content creation and look at how distribution strategies are changing. We will also bring together future leaders with the current generation of senior industry figures to debate the main findings of the Convention.

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