London, 19 November 2013 - The Royal Television Society (RTS), Britain's leading forum for television and related media, has announced the winners for the RTS Craft & Design Awards 2012/2013.

The awards recognise the huge variety of skills and processes involved in programme production, from editing to lighting, and costume design to digital effects. This year saw a host of television professionals competing in 25 categories for a coveted Royal Television Society Award. In addition there were three awards given at the discretion of the Jury Chairs: the Design & Craft Innovation, Judges’ and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

The RTS Craft & Design Awards 2012/2013 were chaired by Nigel Pickard, CEO Zodiak M.E.E.A. and UK Kids & Family. The awards ceremony, which was hosted by Brian Conley, took place on Monday 18 November 2013 at The Savoy, London.


The Winners:

Costume Design - Drama

Susannah Buxton, Burton and Taylor, BBC Drama Production London/BBC America for BBC Four 

“Believable, memorable costume and subtle characterisation enhanced the remarkable performances. ‘The show of the year!’ said the jury.”


  • Charlotte Holdich, Restless, Endor Productions in association with Sundance Channel, Red Arrow International for BBC One
  • Lindsay Pugh, Dancing On The Edge, Ruby Film And Television for BBC Two 


Costume Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Claire Finlay-Thompson, Up The Women - Series 1, Baby Cow Manchester/BBC Comedy Production co-production for BBC Four

“The winner’s work showed attention to period detail with surreal elements and great comic characterisation on a restricted comedy budget.”


  • Stephen Adnitt, Dancing On Ice - Series 8, ITV Studios for ITV
  • Vicky Gill, Strictly Come Dancing, BBC Entertainment for BBC One


Effects - Digital

Simon Hansen, The Girl, An official South African/German Co-Production/A Wall to Wall Media/Warner Bros Entertainment GmbH/Moonlighting Co-Production for BBC & HBO Films

“Beautifully reconstructed shots and clearly made with a love of the source material, the winning effects were faultless and delivered on a small budget, which in no way shows in the finished work.”


  • Jellyfish Pictures, The Challenger, Jellyfish Pictures for BBC Two
  • Simon Clarke, Barney Curnow & Nuno Pereira, Supersized Earth, BBC Productions for BBC One


Effects - Picture Enhancement

Aidan Farrell, Utopia - Series 1, Kudos for Channel 4

“The winner’s bold comic book-style grade and exceptional work truly added to the show, aiding the unsettling oppressive atmosphere. Strong, without being overbearing, the grade demonstrated an understanding of the show's context and delivered a defined unique look.”


  • Aidan Farrell, The White Queen, Company Pictures for BBC One
  • John Cryer and the Platform Post Grading Team, Horrible Histories - Series 5, Lion TV, Citrus Television, Platform Post Production for CBBC


Effects - Special

Doug Naylor, Bill Pearson & Deane Thrussell, Red Dwarf X, Grant Naylor Productions for Dave (UKTV)

“Making a bold decision to use practical models where CG would have been an easier choice these days, the winners successfully captured the look and spirit of the old episodes, and continued the heritage of a much loved TV show.”


  • Mark Lewis, Nic Stacey, Ed Edwards & Andy Jackson, Order and Disorder, Furnace TV for BBC Four
  • Max Poolman, Strike Back: Vengeance, Left Bank Pictures for Sky1 HD


Graphic Design - Programme Content Sequence

Simon Clarke, Hazel Baird, Graham Stott and Simon George, World War 2 From Space, October Films for H2, History Channel

“The range of graphic devices used in this production come together to make this historic subject feel new and novel, contrasting the use of space age satellite images with a modern computer style and 1940s style photography and type. The jury agreed that the mix of styles and standard of execution was outstanding.”


  • Nimble Gimbal, Swimming With Monsters, Spun Gold for Discovery UK
  • BDH Graphics Team, Wonders Of Life, Burrell Durrant Hifle/BBC Science for BBC Two


Graphic Design - Titles

Nic Benns, Andrew Popplestone, Rodi Kaya & David Slade, Hannibal, Momoco for Sky Living

"The jury saw this title sequence as a lesson in “less is more”, with fascinating images which draw the audience into the drama. The red liquid, evocative of both red wine and blood, builds images that are both beautiful and chilling at the same time. The typography and white background draw hints of the surgery and clinical menace to come.”


  • Momoco Graphics Team, Murder On The Home Front, Carnival Film & Television for ITV1
  • Nic Benns, Jim Fisher, Miki Kato & Tom Bromwich, Ripper Street, Momoco for BBC One


Graphic Design - Trails & Packaging

Kjetil Njoten, Joe Lee, Sarah Caddy & Adam Parry, David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, Red Bee and Strange Beast for Eden (UKTV)

“…the winning trail was truly outstanding. The images herald the natural curiosities we will see in the series and then add a visual twist. There is so much to see in this trail that its ‘watchability’ makes it a perfect example of a graphics design led trailer campaign.”


Lighting for Multicamera

Dave Davey, Dancing On Ice - Series 8, ITV Studios for ITV

“The winner’s beautiful use of colour enhances the action to create a magnificent spectacle. The lighting is both immersive and complementary. Never distracting or overwhelming, it brilliantly focuses the viewer’s attention on the action itself.”


  • Gurdip Mahal & Ross Williams, The Voice - Series 2, Wall to Wall Media for BBC One
  • Christopher Kempton, Comic Relief 2013: Funny For Money, BBC Comedy Production /Framestore/QED for BBC One


Multicamera Work

Richard Valentine, Dancing On Ice - Series 8, ITV Studios for ITV

“Under the director’s guidance every craft is seamlessly brought together, every shot is expertly chosen and every camera used to its optimum value. The coverage complements the action and enhances every moment.”


  • Frederique Olivier, Michael W Richards, Jim Clare & Martin Passingham, Penguins - Spy In The Huddle, John Downer Productions for BBC One
  • Camera Team, Emmerdale - 40th Anniversary Live Episode, ITV Studios for ITV1


Multicamera Work Sport

Paul Davies, Wimbledon Men's Final - Murray V Djokovic, BBC Sport for BBC One

“Never missing a beat of this intense gladiatorial contest, the winner captures the atmosphere of the whole event in a truly dramatic style. Their choice of shot and the timing of each cut mean that every second of this intense battle is powerfully enhanced.”


  • Camera Team, Isle Of Man TT Races 2013, North One Television for ITV4
  • Denise Large, Carl Hicks and the IMG Racing Team, The Grand National 2013, IMG Productions for Channel 4


Make Up Design - Drama

Lucy Cain, Burton and Taylor, BBC Drama Production London/BBC America for BBC Four

“The jury praised the winner’s perfect interpretation and faultless characterisation, as well as her skill and lightness of touch.”


  • Pamela Smyth, The Fall, Artists Studio/Fables for BBC Two
  • Christine Walmesley-Cotham, Call The Midwife - Christmas Special & Series 2, Neal Street Productions for BBC One


Make Up Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Vanessa White, Hunderby, Baby Cow Productions for Sky Atlantic

“The jury said that the overall make-up design and comic characterisation made a major contribution to the originality of the project.”


  • Kate Benton, Mr Stink, BBC Comedy Production in Association with Bert Pictures for BBC One
  • Kate Benton, A Young Doctor's Notebook, Big Talk/Points West Pictures for Sky Arts


Music - Original Score

Cristobal Tapia De Veer, Utopia - Series 1, Kudos for Channel 4

“Startlingly original scoring of hyper-reality, and unlike anything we’ve heard before. The winner’s work blurred the lines between sound design and score, creating a soundtrack that the jury said felt like it was being played inside your head.”


  • Dominik Scherrer, Ripper Street - Series 1, Tiger Aspect Productions & Lookout Point for BBC One
  • Unloved, David Holmes & Keefus Green, The Fall, Artists Studio/Fables for BBC Two


Music - Original Title

Hannah Peel & Erland Cooper, Dates, Balloon Entertainment for Channel 4

“The jury said that this contemporary, intriguing and stylish theme lends itself wonderfully to the bittersweet complexities of modern dating.”


  • John Lunn, Shetland, ITV Studios for BBC One
  • Oli Julian, PLEBS, Rise Films for ITV2


Photography - Documentary/Factual & Non Drama

Jezza Neumann, America’s Poor Kids, True Vision Productions/BBC This World for BBC Two

“An intuitively shot documentary highlighting the understanding between the crew and the families, with a great eye for detail and composition resulting in some highly emotive images.”


  • Craig Hastings & Jonathan Young, Australia with Simon Reeve, BBC Production London for BBC Two
  • Africa Camera Team, Africa, BBC Television (Co Produced with Discovery Channel/CCTV9/France Television) for BBC One


Photography - Drama

Gavin Finney, The Fear, World Productions for Channel 4

“Bold, brave and beautiful framing…, with innovative use of lenses and excellent flashbacks. The lighting is wonderfully controlled and enhances or evokes the mood at any given time.”


  • Adam Arkapaw, Top Of The Lake, See-Saw Films for BBC
  • Tim Palmer, The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher: The Murder In Angel Lane, Hat Trick Productions for ITV


Production Design - Drama

Stevie Herbert, Restless, Endor Productions in association with Sundance Channel, Red Arrow International for BBC One

“The winner very successfully achieves a coherent design throughout, including timelines, scale and palette. Even though it effectively adheres to historical accuracies, it is very much a production made for a modern audience.”


  • Kristian Milsted, Utopia, Kudos for Channel 4
  • Mark Geraghty, Ripper Street - Series 1, Tiger Aspect Productions & Lookout Point for BBC One


Production Design - Entertainment & Non Drama

Simon Kimmel, Sports Personality of the Year 2012, Unspun for BBC One

“The winning design has an energetic set which effectively marries light and stylish design. Delivering a ‘good night out’ for the viewer, it deals well with the design constraints of the studio audience.”


  • Dominic Clasby & Stephen Bryce, Derren Brown: Apocalypse, Objective Productions for Channel 4
  • BDA Set Design Team, BBC News, BBC Productions for BBC One


Sound - Drama

Greg Gettens & Jamie Hartland, D-Day The Last Heroes, Clear Cut Pictures & BBC Production London for BBC One

“The winning work is a perfect marriage between the soundtrack and the sensitive nature of the story - an incredible achievement given the short time span and budget allotted to the project. A tasteful and extremely supportive piece of work, both technically excellent and highly creative.”


  • Tony Gibson, Roger Dobson, Billy Mahoney & Russell Jeffery, Misfits 4, Clerkenwell Films for E4
  • Sound Team, Strike Back: Vengeance, Left Bank Pictures for Sky1 HD


Sound - Entertainment & Non Drama

John Rogerson, Graham Kirkman & Richard Addis, David Attenborough's Galapagos 3D, Colossus Productions for Sky 3D

“An incredible sounding mix and a superb tracklay. Considering that not much sound made its way back to the cutting room, the winners’ research and attention to detail was enormous. A world class soundtrack.”


  • Sound Team, BBC Cardiff Singer of the World 2013, BBC Wales for BBC Four
  • Daniel Jones & Paul Taylor, The Choir: Sing While You Work, Twenty Twenty for BBC


Tape & Film Editing - Documentary & Factual

Christopher Swayne, Syria: Across The Lines, Quicksilver Media for Channel 4

“Seamless editing with thoughtfully selected arresting images created an immediacy and sense of place that gave the viewer a fresh, human and brutal insight into the realities of war. The jury felt that it induced an emotional connection rarely felt with this kind of material.”


  • Ged Murphy, David Bowie - Five Years, BBC Events Production for BBC Two
  • Sean Mackenzie, How To Get To Heaven With The Hutterites, BBC Wales for BBC Two


Tape & Film Editing - Drama

Katie Weiland, Luther, BBC Drama Production London for BBC One

“The jury was impressed by the clever, engaging cutting, and the consistently brave decisions in the editing throughout. The use of space and shadow created a bold look and feel to the series.”


  • Trevor Waite, The Fear (E1 & E2), World Productions for Channel 4
  • Liana Del Giudice, Hunted, Kudos in association with Cinemax for BBC One


Tape & Film Editing - Entertainment & Situation Comedy

Mike Holliday & Peter Oliver, Horrible Histories - Series 5, Lion TV, Citrus Television, Platform Post Production for CBBC

“Smart and slick, the winning editing demonstrated a huge attention to detail and rich knowledge of craft. The jury was impressed by the terrific range of sophisticated, funny material with extremely high production values that easily rivals its adult competitors.”


  • Editing Team, Dancing On Ice - Series 8, ITV Studios for ITV
  • Steve Tempia & Mark Williams, Outnumbered Christmas Special 2012, Hat Trick Productions for BBC One 


Tape & Film Editing - Sport

Editing Team, Sports Personality Of The Year 2012, BBC Sport for BBC One

“Outstanding films, with clever ideas that brought the emotion of the subjects through the screen. Beautifully crafted, the stories were told with real feeling and sensitivity and the judges were extremely moved by them.”


  • Post Production Team, Isle Of Man TT Races 2013, North One Television for ITV Four
  • Robin Nurse & Richard Gort, BBC F1 - The British Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton And The Red Arrows, BBC Sport for BBC One


Design & Craft Innovation

D-Day: As It Happens
“The Design and Craft Innovation Award is made for any area of production that demonstrates innovative use of new technology or techniques, D-Day: As It Happens, truly was a new and unique way of bringing alive the greatest amphibious invasion in history. On the anniversary of D-Day, viewers could follow the lives of seven real people in 1944 across TV, the web and Twitter - in real time. Groundbreaking new research involving thousands of hours of analysis, allowed the team to put names to anonymous faces and allow viewers to follow them throughout the day. The production team were able to plot when and where each frame was shot and play footage at the precise moment it was filmed, on TV and online. As the day progressed, one thousand rich media updates including archive footage, stills, documents and testimonies, were posted to a specially developed, mobile-accessible, website built by Digit London. Every single piece of archive film was geo-tagged and the route taken by each of the seven characters meticulously plotted. D-Day: As It Happens not only pioneered a new form of story-telling, but was a compelling tribute to those that risked their lives to change the course of history.”


Judges’ Award

BT Sport Studio
“This year’s Judges’ Award goes to the creation of a highly flexible ‘L’ shaped studio which can cope with three live broadcasts on air at the same time, for up to I5 hours each, in the same studio space. The two linked three-sided studios are the largest LED-lit studios in the world. The use of LED was considered the only energy efficient way to light such a mammoth space and the LED floodlights are calibrated to be able to create shadow. The key visual elements of the studio are generated from 27 various sized screens which are driven by a ‘Spyder’ control system that can drive all or some of the screens required. Each screen has to be able to show a single image or part of a much larger image, moving or still, and instantly updatable in continuous live broadcasting. The LED under-lit glass floor featuring eight different pitch markings including football, tennis, basketball, and rugby has NEVER been used in a TV studio anywhere in the world before and was specifically adapted and designed to meet their requirements. The central hub, a tower in the middle of the studio has been designed with 13 large screens, so no matter what area you shoot from you can see video backgrounds for all the programmes. It is possibly the most innovative use of purpose-built screens in Europe.”


Lifetime Achivement Award

Andy McVean
“With over 35 years in the industry, the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award has provided stunning visual and special effects for many of the UK’s favourite TV shows. Combining his creative background at art school with 25 years’ experience at the BBC, this year’s winner set up his own effects company at Pinewood Studios in 2002. Over the last 11 years the company has gone from strength to strength, with its production portfolio dominating the primetime weekend ‘shiny floor shows’. But no job is ever too small or request too strange for our recipient, from blowing up over 100 caravans on Brainiac to electric shocking Jedward…….he’s done it all! He has a fantastic reputation throughout the industry and works closely with production designers, art directors and producers and with his knowledge and seamless approach to providing special effects, he’s the ‘go to’ expert for any requirement. These are just some of the shows he has worked on - Top Gear, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, Comic Relief, Children In Need, Dancing On Ice and Graham Norton."

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