2017 in Review

2017 in Review

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Review of Year Audience


You’re joking.  I can’t stand it!

No, not the reaction to the annual North East & The Border ‘Review of the Year’ Quiz, but one of the answers, with ‘Betty from Bristol’ Preston’s BBC News thoughts on another election.

Also appearing were a gritter called ‘David Plowie’; Huw Edwards with a 4-minute silence, and a 9-letter word with alternate ‘A’s*.

The teams

Nine teams competed at Live Theatre on Newcastle’s Quayside, and long distance visitors were Steph and Rebecca Thompson — a mother and daughter from the Isle of Wight who, finding themselves at a loose end in Newcastle, heard of the Quiz and signed up to take part.

Carole & Tony Edwards, and Graeme Aldous set the questions, and Victoria Griffin, Julie Jude, Richard Salkeld and Paul Green (aka ‘Snow Problem’) lifted the ‘prestigious’ ALTO Trophy.  Sadly for the Thompsons, there was no prize for the ‘Furthest Travelled’.


Snow Problem
(l to r) Richard Salkeld, Carole Edwards, Julie Jude, Victoria Griffin, Paul Green, Tony Edwards


[*The 9-letter word with alternate 'A's?... CATAMARAN]