Gareth Jones, in Conversation with Euryn Ogwen

Gareth Jones, in Conversation with Euryn Ogwen

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Euryn Ogwen with Gareth Jones

RTS Wales at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival

The Jones D-Trilogy: Gareth Jones (right) in conversation with Euryn Ogwen

"I don't ever write a screen-play until I know the film is going to be made" said accomplished author and director, Gareth Jones, adding that, "we were determined to make the D-Trilogy and we weren't going to wait for a decision by somebody else".

He was describing his latest project to an enthusiastic audience of film and programme makers at an RTS Wales session held at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Llanelli on the 11th May.  Conceived seven years ago as a personal exploration of the creative/erotic psyche, the films range from the domestic claustrophia of Desire (2009), to the wide Welsh landscapes of Delight (2013) and most recently, to a cloistered college precinct in Delirium (2016), starring Clare Grogan and Timothy West.  In conversation with media consultant and former TV executive Euryn Ogwen Williams, Jones explained that the D-Trilogy, "delves into the inner workings of the creative urge in today’s fraught world through words, pictures and music.  While thematically and stylistically linked, the three films have entirely separate characters, narratives and locations."

Along with his wife, composer, Fiona Howe, Jones established Scenario Films in 2006 to realise more filmic and ambitious drama, after a long and prestigious career in television stretching over four decades.  Originally working as a London theatre director, he moved in to TV in the 80s, initially at HTV Wales, before later joining Granada to direct Coronation Street and other dramas including, Brass and Albion Market.  For the BBC he wrote Fighting Back and Shalom Salaam, which he also directed.  He then crossed over to feature films, first as director and then as author, for Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace and the acclaimed Trial of Klaus Barbie,  "we provided a faithful account based on transcripts, which was screened just three days after the trial was concluded".

But despite his Welsh upbringing he has rarely worked in Wales until the completion of his second film of the D-Trilogy.  The latest of the three films, Delirium, is due to receive its world premier at the Moscow International Film Festival in June.


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