TV Job Roles: Set and Production Design

Set designers create the overall look of production and are sometimes known as production designers. Set designers are often in charge of a team of people including art directors, storyboard artists and model makers.

Typical jobs for a set/production designer, whether in drama, factual or live entertainment are the following:

  • Study scripts and discuss ideas with the director
  • Communicate your ideas to costume, make-up, props and lighting designers
  • Work out potential problems, such as lighting or complex scene changes
  • Research historical, contemporary or futuristic details to get the right look for the production
  • Create effective designs within the available budget
  • Sketch design ideas to produce a ‘storyboard’, showing what the sets will look like scene by scene
  • Build and photograph scale models
  • Estimate costs and prepare a production schedule
  • Oversee set building and decoration
  • Make any adjustments needed during rehearsals.

Many new set designers have an HND or degree in an art related subject like theatre design. You may also be able to get into this job without a degree if you have a high level of design skill and creative vision. A Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship can also offer you a route into this job.


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