From our CEO

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that I get to travel around the nations and regions of the British Isles and meet so many people who love television as much as I do – and who are determined to share their passion.

The fantastic variety of events that we put on across the nations and regions is entirely down to the energy, commitment and ambition of our members and patrons. I am hugely grateful for the contribution they make, financially and in terms of expertise.

The RTS unashamedly has a strong orientation towards young people, particularly students and those endeavouring to get into and get on in television. I am particularly grateful to the established practitioners who freely share their hard-won knowledge and experience through our RTS Futures events, masterclasses and training partnerships.

I have been inspired by the determination and enthusiasm of the students who have secured the 25 RTS bursaries we offer each year: I have no doubt that some of their names will feature prominently on the credit lists of tomorrow’s TV programmes.

I am also pleased that the RTS has hosted numerous debates on how to improve diversity on-screen and behind the screen so that television reflects better the audience it seeks to serve.

But in addition to helping to open doors for the pacesetters of tomorrow, the Society offers unrivalled public access to the television luminaries of today. Our world-renowned Cambridge Convention brings industry leaders together to take stock of new challenges and international trends.

Our partner organisations range from academic institutions and broadcasters to publishers and training bodies. We couldn’t begin to put on the range of awards, events and educational activities we do without them – a big, collective thank you to them all.

Our target is to have 5,000 members by end of 2017. If you had not previously considered joining our unique television community, click on this link now.

Theresa Wise, CEO