Do Channels have a Future?

Do Channels have a Future?
24 April 2013
6.30 for 7.00pm

Chair: Neil Midgley, Daily Telegraph

Heather Killen, Chair & CEO, Horse and Country TV

Alan Griffiths, CEO, World Media Rights

Nigel Walley, MD of media consultancy Decipher

ITV London Studios

Upper Ground
United Kingdom

The traditional broadcast television channel, with its carefully constructed schedule, trailers, adverts and listings has often been as important to the viewing experience as the programmes it contains. It has also given channel controllers ultimate power over commissioning.

In today’s digital landscape, viewers increasingly access programmes directly.  Electronic Programme Guides, Television on Demand and a range of online services all by-pass the traditional channel and many producers look forward to having a direct relationship with their audience.  

So, is the television channel about to become an obsolete relic with programmes published rather than scheduled or will it always provide viewers with a trusted route through a bewildering sea of content and a powerful brand identity for the programmes it offers?

In this evening’s event, an industry panel with divergent perspectives present the case for and against the traditional TV channel