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With a proud history of TV production in our region, the Yorkshire Centre is always happy to celebrate the great comedy, drama and factual programming that we have produced over the years. 

Our Programme Awards honour the men, women and companies who continue to produce great television that continues to find success not only nationally, but internationally.

We are also looking to the future. With announcements about new productions and facilities in our region hitting the headlines on a weekly basis, we continue to help our members stay up to date. And our Student Awards highlight the burgeoning talent coming from our prestigious universities and colleges.

And there is our annual Christmas Quiz which encourages a little healthy competition between the big TV names in the Yorkshire region. Our annual programme of events celebrate our region’s important place in British Television whilst offering a great opportunity to exchange views on what might be around the corner.

For more information about our upcoming events, or to join the Yorkshire centre, please email centre secretary Lisa Holdsworth.