Discovery sprints for yellow

30 Jul 2014
Discovery's acquisition of a majority stake in Eurosport will play a central role in the group's response to fracturing audiences, learns Kate Bulkley

For 25 years Eurosport has effectively owned the pan-European sports television market. Its live, uninterrupted coverage of everything from World Cups to Grand Slams has helped it carve out a unique broadcasting niche. 

The low-cost and basic production style of Eurosport’s output – like its Tour de France coverage – offers viewers a continuous live feed and audio commentary in many different languages, largely produced from its Paris headquarters.

Winner of Young Technologist Award announced

28 Jul 2014

The annual RTS Young Technologist Award has been awarded to Bobby Moss, Graduate Software Engineer, BT Group Plc for his contribution towards innovation in television technology. 

Bobby was chosen to receive the award, which is presented in memory of A.M. Beresford-Cooke, by a panel of judges chaired by Terry Marsh, Digital Media Consultant.

Job Notice: STV

28 Jul 2014

In a push to strengthen their Development team, STV have opened up roles in Mobile, Software Testing, Digital Design and Product Management "for people who are passionate about working with a leading provider of consumer focused digital media services". See their website which has further information on the advertised roles:

Quotas unfair? So is the status quo

11 Jul 2014
Will anything short of quotas reverse TV's declining diversity? Matthew Bell listens to the debate

Public-sector employers and much of the corporate world have made great strides in building more diverse workforces in recent years. But the same cannot be said of the TV industry, where the representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people has been falling.

Last year’s Creative Skillset employment survey revealed that the proportion of BAME people in the creative sector, which includes film, advertising, radio and gaming as well as TV, had declined from 7.4% in 2006 to 5.4% in 2012.

21st Century man

11 Jul 2014
In the Murdoch empire Chase Carey is uniquely powerful. But little is known about this unassuming yet redoubtable high-flyer. Raymond Snoddy lifts the lid

There is absolutely no doubt that Chase Carey, long-time Murdoch loyalist, is the most powerful executive in 21st Century Fox – whose surname does not begin with an M.

Three years ago, the man noted for both his unassuming nature and his flamboyant handlebar moustache, became the latest in a select line of News Corp executives to receive the ultimate public accolade, the official “bus” title: the person who would take over if Rupert Murdoch fell under a bus.

What Twitter can do for TV

10 Jul 2014
Twitter is stoking the conversations around TV shows. But can it also drive ratings?

As viewer behaviour gets more difficult to predict, broadcasters and producers are increasingly looking at Twitter to enhance viewer engagement. In some quarters, there is a belief that Twitter can cause more people to tune in.

A packed RTS early-evening event, “TV ReTweeted”, reported from the front line of broadcasting and social media.

With Twitter claiming more than 15 million active users in the UK, the night’s chair, journalist Kate Bulkley, quoted research suggesting that 40% of Tweeting during primetime is TV-related.

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