Save the date: RTS Cambridge Convention 2015

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The Royal Television Society Cambridge Convention is to be held on 16-18 September 2015 and will be chaired by Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC.

The Royal Television Society Cambridge Convention is to be held on 16-18 September 2015.

We are pleased to announce that Tony Hall, Director-General of the BBC, will be chairing the event.


RTS Futures - How To Survive As A Freelancer

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Our next RTS Futures event offers the essential tools for survival, to help you develop a successful and rewarding career in television.

Television is a fast moving and highly competitive marketplace, where freelance contracts last weeks rather than years, and networking is essential to securing that crucial next job. Planning for the future is that much harder when you don't know where your next pay cheque is coming from, and having a long term plan can at times seem how do you survive as a freelancer?

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How to book

This event is open to all RTS Futures members or RTS Full Members but is designed for those with no more than two years' television experience. To book a place you (and any guest/s you book a place for) MUST be either a member of RTS Futures or an RTS Full Member. The cost to RTS Futures members is £10.00. Tickets for full members of the Royal Television Society are complimentary but MUST be booked in advance – please provide your membership number when booking.

If you are not a RTS Futures member, join up for free or sign up as a Full Member (£65.00) at before attempting to book.

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Visit for further information about RTS Futures

Follow us on Twitter @RTS_Futures & tweet about the event using hashtag #RTSfreelance

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Hallam Conference Centre
44 Hallam Street
London W1W 6JJ
United Kingdom

Our Friend in the North

15 Oct 2014
During the referendum, STV’s digital partnerships benefited each platform – and Scotland.

There are a few moments in a broadcaster's history that remind us of our role and responsibility to our audiences. For STV, 18 September, the day of the Scottish referendum, was one of these rare occasions.

Around 150 staff joined forces to cover the event, from reporters and producers to camera operators and technicians, who all worked alongside our online team.

It was our most ambitious live production ever as we broadcast live from 40 locations across Scotland.

The aim was to represent the "voices of Scotland" and deliver a strong, impartial platform.

Stewart Purvis's TV diary

14 Oct 2014
Stewart Purvis gets a lucky break while researching a biography of Guy Burgess – and heads north of the border to celebrate the success of the RTS London conference

It is probably known as the one-day conference in London in the year when there isn’t an RTS Cambridge Convention – not the most exciting of billings. Those who found their way both in and out of the Barbican Conference Centre at past events will remember freshly jet-lagged American executives and Jeremy Hunt talking about nothing other than local TV. So it was a brave and welcome decision by RTS CEO Theresa Wise and this year’s conference chair, Rob Woodward, Chief Executive of STV, to make the 2014 event bigger, brighter and busier but still last just one day.

Accelerator to the Floor

14 Oct 2014
Some television companies are still in denial about the tech tsunami washing over all areas of TV

Delegates try out Ultra-HD tech
Delegates try out Ultra-HD tech. (Cred: IBC)
IBC attendees experienced a palpable sense of accelerating change at the Amsterdam television technology show. But the transition to a production and distribution environment supported by commodity IT hardware is not happening nearly fast enough for many of the high-profile speakers at the week-long conference and exhibition.

How to make it in drama

15 Oct 2014
Three pros share their experience of establishing successful creative careers.

There's more than one way to succeed in TV, as the latest RTS Futures event amply demonstrated. The three panellists assembled to discuss their careers at "I Made It In... Drama" had taken far-from-conventional paths into television, but all are now at the top of their professions.

Guardian TV critic Julia Raeside asked the questions in front of an audience keen to find out more about working in British television drama.

Ken Burns's Roosevelt Epic

15 Oct 2014
As Ken Burns’s magisterial The Roosevelts hits British screens, he discusses how he composes his epic documentaries

In a TV landscape characterised by audiences demanding instant gratification and producers claiming that the commissioning process is killing creativity, Ken Burns stands out as a total anomaly.

Widely seen as one of the most influential documentary makers of all time – his landmark film, The Civil War, was watched by upwards of 40 million viewers in the US – Burns is in the fortunate and enviable position of being able to call all the shots on all the films that have his name on the credits.

Tim Davie: Partnership is what it is about now

15 Oct 2014
Tim Davie is keen to find joint-venture partners to share the cost of premium BBC content

Cathy Newman interviewing Tim Davie
Cathy Newman interviewing Tim Davie (Credit:Paul Hampartsoumian)
Tim Davie once walked out of a Sky News interview while he was Acting Director-General of the BBC. So his interviewer, Channel 4 News presenter Cathy Newman, was keen to keep the BBC Worldwide Chief Executive in his seat for the duration of a lively RTS early-evening event.

BBC and BSkyB: Invest in tomorrow’s talent

15 Oct 2014
Jeremy Darroch and Tony Hall find common ground in promoting ways to nurture the next generation of TV professionals

The final session of the day brought to the stage two of the biggest players in British television to discuss how to recruit the best people to the sector.

BSkyB Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch and BBC Director-General Tony Hall buried their differences during a friendly discussion and reached agreement on the importance of nurturing the next generation of TV talent.

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